SAI Minimalst Mag Guide for Glock


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Introducing the SAI Minimalist mag guide, all the benefits of a magwell but with the ability to be used in any situation.  We took a different approach to the typical magwell design that you see on the market today and came up with a design that allows users to have all the benefits of a magwell but with the added flexibility of conceal carrying.
Most magwell's change the bottom profile of the gun just enough (or way too much) that it causes excessive printing when a user would try to conceal carry the pistol.
This design is the perfect balance of tailored profiles while still retaining all the benefits of a traditional magwell. This was designed to work with our SAI/VTAC baseplate but still works with most magazine base plates including OEM. Please note: This will not work with standard 10 round Glock magazines if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to SAI directly.

• Magwells are Patent Pending
• All Gen 4 magwells are compatible with all size of Glock back straps with out modification.
• All weapons and parts carry a lifetime warranty.