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Introducing the all new Salient Arms International Performance Package for your Breda USA Shotgun.

Package Details:
• Performance Package Vent rib Barrel Length: 24”
• Capacity: 7+1+1
• S-Porting
• Mahogany furniture with weathered finish and stippled loading
• Custom Lightened & TiN (Titanium Nitrided) coated Bolt Carrier
• Trigger Tuned with approximately 3lbs taken off factory trigger
• Receiver loading port has been machined and polished for faster reloading.
• Extractor and Barrel modifications to help to prevent jams
• SAI Tuned Breda Lifter/Shell Carrier
• Tune and polished shell catch and carrier latch
• Recoil Pad modified (eliminates snagging on clothing)
• Salient upgraded Safety - To improve engagement from Safe to Fire positions
• SAI Oversized Bolt Release
• SAI Custom Charging Handle
• Fiber Optic front sight in Red

Please note:
• All weapons and parts carry a lifetime warranty.
• Picture shown with proprietary S-Port which is optional on all GLD builds.
• Shotgun parts are NOT available for purchase outside of complete builds at this time.

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