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Introducing the long awaited rifle by Salient Arms International dubbed the GRY. This rifle is made completely in house and features a proprietary one piece rail system that is completely serviceable and retains zero of any optic properly mounted. The GRY also feature our patented JailBrake that is a muzzle blast and flash reducer that also comes off so the user can leverage any suppressor he or she might want use. The JailBrake redirects muzzle blast uni-directly forward from the shooter so that users to the left or right of the rifle do not experience the typical harsh blast of from a muzzle brake on an AR type rifle.

The GRY fills a void in the AR-15 market for those shooters who want a rifle that is fully field serviceable without any special tools that provides unique features not found on any AR15 on the market to date. The GRY is available in three configurations: Carbine (14.5" barrel w/ pinned and welded muzzle device), SBR (12" barrel), and Pistol (12" barrel).

• SAI GRY Upper and Lower Receivers
• SAI Proprietary One Piece Fully Serviceable Rail w/ MLOK
• SAI / Radian Arms Charging Handle
• SAI Proprietary JailBrake
• SAI Integrated Gas Key TiN BCG
• SAI Proprietary Box Flute Barrel Design
• Barrel Length: 14.5"
• Intermediate 45 Degree Gas System (5.56)
• Geissele Super Dynamic Combat (SD-C) Trigger
• AXTS 45 degree short throw safety selector
• BCM Gunfighter MOD 0 SOPMOD Stock
• BCM Gunfighter Grip MOD 3
• Magpul MBUS Pro Sights

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