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Introducing the SAI RED-H 2011 dubbed the RED-H. The RED-H is a combination of breathtaking aesthetics and functional performance within a single pistol. The attention to detail represented in every RED-H is beyond compare. Each part is oversized and then hand fit to precise tolerances. The RED-H is handcrafted from carbon steel, then coated in black nitride to ensure function and reliability in even the harshest of environments.

If you are a selective individual who demands only the preeminent materials, design and craftsmanship then the SAI RED-H is the pistol for you.

• Available Calibers: 9mm
• Barrel Length: 5" Government

Please note:
o RED-Hs are currently out of stock. We will update the website as soon as they are available again. Please check our dealer locator to find one in stock near you. Please do not hesitate to call us with any questions.
o All weapons and parts carry a lifetime warranty.
o Lead times for all RED-H's are a minimum of 10 months.
o Pictures shown are the 2011 configuration with optional night sights and do not represent all the finishes/options available for the RED-H.
o All 2011 parts are NOT available for purchase outside of complete builds at this time.

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